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Thread: Meeting

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    Ankita Patil


    Thanks everyone for the response. I am really sorry for not describing about my novel as I was using this forum for the first time and I was not sure about such a wide response form all of u.
    Lea, u seem to be objecting on my idea. But I think this is the only place where I can find imaginative people.
    My novel is about a protagonist(girl)who is a daughter of a business tycoon. And the other girl who becomes her best frd subsequently is from a suffered family. And both are Indians but staying in London! This novel is litle bit tragic as I am going to show later that this best frd dies. And the protagonist feels a lot. It is about the perception of people towards life and death.I won't tell more about it.
    Do tell me how you feel. But I really got a dozen of new ideas. thanks for it.
    Enjoy Writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Frank Baron

    Re: Meeting

    You enjoy writing too, Ankita.

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    Shahbaz Ali

    Re: Meeting

    Ankita, I think the idea for writing such a novel whose keynote u have given is a great one. have u started it r u still counting on refinements on ur thought on it?and if u have alredy started it then "BEST WISHES FOR U". u must post some paragraphs of ur novel that will certainly reveal ur explicit as well as latent capabilities regarding ur subject.


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    Gravity Fades

    Re: Meeting

    Gadzooks, I hate textspeek. Yes, I'm old. *s*

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    Joseph Canavan

    Re: Meeting

    I'm not (that) old and it drives me nuts as well, especially on a writers forum, geesh.

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    Sam English

    Re: Meeting

    You's almost think they were the same person posting with different names...

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    junel ;-)

    Re: Meeting

    gt wid it man.. txt spk iz da futa.. iz gr8

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    Denis Bonner

    txt spk

    Let's hope it is not the future. Check out the article below!


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    rock doctor

    Re: txt spk

    That article IS scarey! Not only do teenagers struggle with writing these days, they can't communicate face to face either. Thank you technology! Bleh.

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    Re: txt spk

    The journalism teacher at my old high school says it doesn't matter if the kids can't read, write, spell or compose a sentence. The only thing that can keep them from graduating is if they stick a knife in another student. That's it.

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