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    mar quesa

    Re: Synopsis *Blaughck*


    I meant Anna is big trouble, not Anna is a big trouble- I got timed out and posted and posted a different version.

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    Jean Bonifacios

    Re: Synopsis *Blaughck*

    I got it mar quesa, I hate when I get timed out too. Thank you. I was under the impression though that I HAD to include subplots in the synopsis. I can add the snarkyness of my MS no problem. That's actually the fun part.

    Thanks for the example. That was kind of cool. Almost wish my MS was just like that so I could copy and paste.

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    the cat came back

    Re: Synopsis *Blaughck*

    First, I would get rid of the first two sentences -- they read like a query. Stick to the syopsis.

    More later.



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    mar quesa

    Re: Synopsis *Blaughck*

    Hi again Jean,

    Phew! I was really regretting having sent that post. It's badly written.

    The synopses is a summary of the book; you don't need to mention every single character or subplot.

    Please, take a look at this fantastic website. It's all about synopses, and there are many examples.


    Good luck!

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