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Thread: Scene Structure

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    Jean Bonifacios

    Re: Scene Structure

    Oh wait! That didn't come off right.

    (without spaces) < i > sentence goes here < / i >


    sentence goes here

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    Lea Zalas

    Re: Scene Structure


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    Joe Zeff

    Re: Scene Structure

    First, there's no way for us to know a priori where you're posting from; all we have to judge you by is your posts. Second, this is a writer's board, and we tend to have a fairly high standard when it comes to spelling, grammar, syntax and word usage. Everybody makes the occasional typo and once in a while, one will slip past any poorfraeding done. However, making the same basic error in different posts gives readers the impression that you are either very careless or that you don't, in fact, know the difference.

    This is one reason why we ask new writers not to post unedited first drafts: the errors that the writer probably would have caught in a quick editing pass tend to get most of the attention, while the quality of the story telling and dialog end up getting neglected.

    Last, Lea, to end italics put < /i > (without spaces) where you want them to stop.

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    . Castleman

    Re: Scene Structure


    That is fine-if I am posting my own writing. On the other hand, if I am commenting on something else and commit and error-like you did in your post to me-then who cares?

    I was asking an opinion of something I read, and I made an error. Shoot me. 80% of the posts here have an error in them.

    This may not be the site for me if some people seem to get off on putting others down rather than having a communication.

    Again, notice the title of this forum. If I already WAS an expert on grammar, sentence structure, and the like, I most likely wouldn't have to post here now would I?

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    Lea Zalas

    Re: Scene Structure

    Thanks Jean! Thanks Joe! Oh this is fun!

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