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Thread: A good meeting

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    Book Werm

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    Ankita Patil

    Re: A good meeting

    Thanks everyone for the response. I am really sorry for not describing about my novel as I was using this forum for the first time and I was not sure about such a wide response form all of u.
    Lea, u seem to be objecting on my idea. But I think this is the only place where I can find imaginative people.
    My novel is about a protagonist(girl)who is a daughter of a business tycoon. And the other girl who becomes her best frd subsequently is from a suffered family. And both are Indians but staying in London! This novel is litle bit tragic as I am going to show later that this best frd dies. And the protagonist feels a lot. It is about the perception of people towards life and death.I won't tell more about it.
    Do tell me how you feel. But I really got a dozen of new ideas. thanks for it.
    Enjoy Writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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