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    Gary Kessler

    Re: critique first words

    You're absolutely right to go to another writers' site where your brilliance will receive the homage it deserves, Don.

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    the cat came back

    Re: critique first words

    First of all, I think that DD was a complete dick for posting this excerpt to trick us and dismiss us.

    A total dick.

    That said, he tricked me.

    I approached it as I would writing from a newbie, and went for the easy, technical "faults". I was lazy. I didn't really read it. I saw the run ons and pounced on them.

    More fool me.

    Now that I understand the contextand the purpose of the author, I can see their effectiveness.

    I feel like a fool.

    Thanks a lot, DD.

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    Denis Bonner

    writers.net is a worthwhile site


    I am probably too late and you will doubtless never visit this site again, but I simply wanted to say that I joined this site not long after it started up and learnt so very much about the writing world. There were - and still are - many knowledgeable people who frequent this site and their advice and comments are well worth having.

    I am only an infrequent visitor now as I want to spend more time writing and less time talking about it. I have only had one short story published so I guess I am still an amateur who writes because... Because when you enjoy writing you can't stop. Publication is a possible bonus but it is the writing itself that is the most satisfying thing.

    Good luck with your writing - if you are doing any.

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    Sam English

    Re: writers.net is a worthwhile site

    DD "I am through wasting time on this site."
    Yuh...like that's gonna happen. We feed him way TOO much.

    Denis wrote "...you will doubtless never visit this site again..."
    If only. We (even me, by writing this post) keep responding to him, which is what he wants...which is typical troll "engage 'em" behavior. He likes to point out how WE have no lives.

    We give him attention and he stays (or...he'll just change his name again...

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    John Chritton

    Re: writers.net is a worthwhile site

    Eh, trolls will be trolls. Doesn't bother me any that hypocrites inhabit the internet ("protected by distance and fake names"? I am using my real name, I am a senior doing very well at UW Green Bay, and I dare you to come and actually say something to my face. Good luck finding that "courage" again :P)

    @cat: Heh, that's why I always look at the comments on the passage before reading it. I normally end up with things like "this REALLY needs some work before being submitted again".

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    the cat came back

    Re: writers.net is a worthwhile site

    Perhaps I should.

    I make a practice of avoiding them so that they don't influence me, and lately I've been too busy and too wrapped up in my own things to do much critting at all.

    I think I should give it a rest entirely until I'm less busy and finished the current revision.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    the clueless noob "crit this!" game

    Can't say as I'm gonna miss ya, Don. (Maybe it's a Texas thing....)

    Can't say as I believe you'll leave, either.

    Now, for the peanut gallery: yah, we get this nonsense on a regular basis, almost always by someone who hasn't made a sale (generally because s/he spends more time virtually wanking than writing).

    All that Don-da-Don-Don would have had to do to make this a valid group exercise would have been:

    -- present an excerpt (allowable under copyright law as an educational or critical example) along with proper basic sourcing

    -- present his dislike of certain factors

    -- present the changes he would make if assigned to edit this writing into something reasonable

    -- and only THEN ask for others' viewpoints.

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    Rogue Mutt

    Re: the clueless noob "crit this!" game

    People on a writing site don't take kindly to plagiarism. What a shock!

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    John Chritton

    Re: the clueless noob "crit this!" game

    Yeah, that makes sense. I just have had too many examples of reading a huge passage and getting a list of things to change ready, only to find that each and every one of my critiques was already mentioned and the person basically just threw their garbage up here to get praised. I used to read everything first

    @Anthony: Unfortunately, that wasn't exactly the intent, but yes that would make more sense. Something like: "this was a famous work, but what could be improved on it and why wasn't it changed by an editor?" Also, screw quotation marks and parenthesis...I need to find a guide to using both in writing >_< In any case, it's a good example of bending the basics of writing just enough to draw the reader in.

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