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Thread: Posting.

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    Xander Cohen


    Being a new writer I have considered posting some of my material on this forum for advice and suggestions.
    There are two problems with this;

    1. Confidence; I don't have much of it, so I don't think I would be physically capable of putting it on without wanting to withdraw it moments later.
    2. Quanitity; How much do I post? I have a 'Prologue' and a small section of the first chapter. As a rough idea, what do I let people see?

    Any advice on either would be appreciated.

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    Andrew Smith

    Re: Posting.

    I would suggest posting maybe around 500 words or so. Double return between paragraphs so there's a visual break. Don't try to indent. Go for it.

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    Sam English

    Re: Posting.

    Know that in posting stuff here, you are going to have people tell you what they really think and some of it won't be pretty. You can't remove it either. Read the forum first to get a feel for what responses here involve. It's not for everyone nor the faint of heart. But, damn, there is so much good stuff here if you want to learn to write well.

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    Brandon Cleveland

    Re: Posting.

    also, I would suggest being a bit discreet about what you decide to post. you don't want someone to bite a potentially great story and beat you to the chase. that's my advice at least.

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