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    Sam Fletcher

    Re: Fantasy Fiction "rules"

    Oh, by the way, I do plan on using that poem in the future. So, no swiping.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Fantasy Fiction "rules"

    Can you hear the laughter in the background about asking folks not to swipe what you've published on a public Interent board, Sam?

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    Cammy Stevens

    Re: Fantasy Fiction "rules"

    I like the imaginative idea of naming new things, as long as it pertains to the plot. The only thing that popped into my head when I read your comment about wanting to make it feel alien is that I would be careful not to make it something more sci/fi than fantasy, but then again I'm still trying to learn all of these genre's too. It seems to me there may be a difference in the two genre's between adding a sprinkling of new flora and fauna in a more reality based environment vs. the majority being new and completely foreign.

    I'm more of a reality based writer so that may be a personal distinction for me.

    What does everyone else think of that? Am I off base or is that one of the differences of the two genre's?

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    Sam Fletcher

    Re: Fantasy Fiction "rules"

    Well, it can't hurt to try. This poem is part of a short story about a man fighting off the final stages of Alzheimer's. I think the poem makes the story a little more comprehensible. And besides, I doubt that anyone thinks it's significant enough to swipe. But, you never know, and so I thought I'd ask.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    up to you!

    RD, it seems that most sf/f I read, whether blasters or blast spells, is set on Earth, & a rather modern version:
    -- people are 5'-6'
    -- gravity is 1.0
    -- time is measured in months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, & seconds
    -- the day is broken into 24 hours
    -- there's one bright, yellowish sun
    -- there's one big, bluish moon (that pops up every 30 days or so)
    -- weather patterns are mostly like Ireland.

    Imagine what it'd be like on even something so close as Mars, where Sol is a vaguely warm blot in the sky, one of your two moons goes whizzing overhead every few hours, & current "warm days" in the Tropics sometimes top 32 F.

    Go ahead & swipe some region of Earth -- heck, the work's already been done! Get a good guidebooks on the current flora/fauna situation, & have fun. But (having talked to fantasy author's who're also readers), don't screw up the details. Like, if your characters wear boots, they also wear socks... right? And don't have someone ride their horse at a gallop for 16 hours, without a darned good explanation of HOW.

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    nancy drew

    Re: up to you!

    That's "mome rath," Nancy, not momewrath; mome is an adjective, modifying rath, not part of the bird's name. Don't you remember Humpty Dumpty's explanation?

    But ... but ...

    Damn that Humpty Dumpty. Someone should've deviled him by now.

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    nancy drew

    Re: up to you!


    Ooh, peeping figgots and roaming feeboths. Those are dreadful grandy.

    Interesting concept, Sam. Using nonsense poetry to illuminate the jungle that is Alzheimer's.

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