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Thread: Past tense

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    the cat came back

    Re: Past tense

    This is for the deification those who refuse to worship at the feet of built-in editors and the pleasure of those who do not.

    While I was revising a page, I noticed the following:

    In the perfectly correct sentence, "Neither will I." the grammar checker in Word identified "I" as being incorrect.

    On a lark, I changed "I" to "me", resulting in "Neither will me." It identified "will" as being incorrect.

    Just for the total amusement of it, I changed "will" to shall", resulting in the highly original, "Neither shall me." to which it gave its blessing.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Past tense

    For one, I'm unlikely to DEIFY anyone....

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    the cat came back

    Re: Past tense

    How did I do that? LOL. I think what I meant was, "This is for the edification of those who worship at the feetof built-in editors and the amusement of those who do not."

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