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    The Midnight Writer

    Re: How to break the writer's block?

    I don't have writer's block. I have 8+ other hobbies...

    You could set it down for awhile. It might be that something just isn't quite right, and you need a little time to stew it out and figure out what it is or what's missing. I usually walk all over town or pace the floor until I figure out where I went astray...

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    Alex Hipkins

    Re: How to break the writer's block?

    Thanks for all of the ideas and things of that nature.

    I have actually been working on an outline for my next project, which is something that I hardly ever do. This little thing has been helping me get the juices flowing quite well. And, for this I have to thank mostly everyone here, and a little bit my brother.

    And another thing, should make many people happy, my next project has nothing to do with vampires and that genre's over-flooded market, lol.

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    Cammy Stevens

    Re: How to break the writer's block?

    I would say first, if it's been hard days, I wouldn't cut out 10k of text. Second, I could say how my philosophy is that if something gets me 'stuck' there's usually a good subconscious reason and something's just not quite right... but that would bore you. So, I'll just say put it down for a few days, get outside, take a notebook and pen with you and just free write about stuff as you're out visiting or on a walk or something. Even journaling helps, I've actually sat down and wrote on a paper 'I can not write because...' and then get out all my verbal garbage, excuses and frustrations of why it's not working. Another thing that works, or at least provides me with a bit of satisfaction, is once I write out all the frustrations I shoot hoops with it in the trash, or burn it. That's only if you don't want to use it again, because sometimes I write some good stuff when I'm upset.

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