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    John Wolcott

    Best creative writing software for Mac?

    Hello everyone,

    Just want to start off by saying hello. I am new here and looking forward to being a productive member of the forum.

    I am looking for a good program to use for creative writing and capable of running on my Mac. I looked into Microsoft Word 08 and a few others. Besides Word 08 the other programs were generalized more towards novel writers. Is there a good program that would allow me to write essays, keep track of word counts per day to stay on top of my production, and have the option of novel writing? If there is a program better than Word, it would also have to have the capability of exporting to .doc files.


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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Best creative writing software for Mac?

    The best creative writing software for MAC (or any other system)? Your brain.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    Can't help you with the MAC. Mine gathered dust for so long from no one in publishing ever using it in projects I was working on that I finally gave it away.

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    Claire Wells

    Re: Best creative writing software for Mac?

    Hi John

    Welcome to the forum. No I have no idea for software. Sorry.

    Claire W

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Best creative writing software for Mac?

    I have a PowerBook 5300 as my main writing beast. It's an upgrade from a stack of PowerBook 160 bookends in my shop -- seriously, I've got like eight in various stages of functionality.

    All I use is Word 5.

    When I'm obsessing, I track my output by having a Word doc in the corner of the screen.

    While .doc files are okay, my publisher insists on .rtf only, because it apparently works great with PageMaker.

    But, really, it doesn't matter. Set up your WP to display pages (or at least page marks). Put in the date & time when you start each session (you can make it a sticky so it's not intrusive). If you need to chart your input, then define the session's typing & call up the Word Count -- dunno about current versions, but my old Word does it just fine.

    In all seriousness: if you're stymied by this, then log off the Internet, turn off the computer, & get yourself a nice new spiral notebook & a comfy pen.

    If you're going to write, then write. If you need to load up on tech before you start writing... well, then you're not writing. If you need to get the ideal warez before you dig into your masterpiece, then you're a hacker (in the root use of the word), not a writer.

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    Simon Says

    Re: Best creative writing software for Mac?

    Mariner Software marinersoftware.com has a lot of different types of writing software. Not sure if any do what you're looking for - but I checked out a demo of their screenwriting and novel writing software and was duly impressed,

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    Jimmy Page

    Re: Best creative writing software for Mac?

    I have found Nisus <nisus.com> to be a good word processor. Nisus Pro is the best.

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    mar quesa

    Re: Best creative writing software for Mac?

    Hi and welcome John,

    What's wrong with Pages? I think it's fantastic.

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    Junior Member
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    May 2011
    Storymill is the best creative writing software for mac os.StoryMill is incredibly flexible – use it as your no-nonsense place to write and revise using its distraction-free full screen and powerful annotations, or as your complete database of every character, location and scene that makes up your novel. You can set a daily writing goal and keep track of it using the Progress Meter

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    Amy Lou
    I also use Storymill and I love it! All that Darcey said. You should look into it.

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    Shaun .
    Fancy programs? Do they write the book for you? I use Open Office. It's free!

    Can I use that as an excuse for the next time I get a nega critique?

    "It's not my fault! It's that crap ass free program! That's why my writing sucks!"

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