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    Spencer Ervin

    Looking for help

    I am creating a novel, but in a different way. I really want to try to create a globally editted novel. What I mean by that is, the entire world makes one novel. You can changed, edit, add, delete whatever you want. If you are interested check it out.



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    Janice W-D

    Re: Looking for help

    The comedian, Stephen Wright, claims to own a map of the world, its actual size. We need to borrow it if we're going to track down every person on planet earth and get their input on the book.


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    Saulat Pervez

    Re: Looking for help

    I believe Penguin tried something like that a while back -- a wikinovel.

    But I want something explained: when you say "You can changed, edit, add, delete whatever you want" -- does that mean that one person writes something, and then the next person can take the story somewhere totally different by changing the plot,
    adding characters, deleting other characters, etc.? Or, do you mean that the actual content written by the first person is subject to the whims of someone else who can change things around as already written down?

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