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    Patrick Edwards

    Re: the Flight of the Noobies

    By the way, if you were Carmella, I would so be into you.

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    Jo Mazz

    Re: the Flight of the Noobies

    "By the way, if you were Carmella, I would so be into you."

    I can't take it! lol!lol!lol!lol!!!

    No F****** ziti fa you!

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    dan z

    Re: the Flight of the Noobies

    Anferny Ravenscrap, I'm only gonna say this once before starting to unload. Mind your silly mulett and waste your time on anything other than me, for you've already been deemed unworthy.
    "Danzzz,learn to read", the freak murmured, at the same time shaking at the knees in anticipation of the reply blow that would mercilessly strike at his mulett wearing silly Ego. It's idiots like you that get wars started, by self-inviting to someone else's conversation. So gittt!!!

    Btw Leslee, I never said I disliked you, I never said I liked you. I actually find you to be quite a gold mine of good literary info. Oh,and you're funny too, sometimes, in all fairness.
    Your inter-human interactional abilities(talents) do however present lacunaes.

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    dan z

    Re: Plight of the Noobies, he meant

    One extra thing: I noticed how you love to stand out by changing the thread's name... it is disrespectful to the one who initiated it and makes you look like an egotic but crack...with lots of hair.

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