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    Rogue Mutt

    Re: Why yalls advice isn't applied

    What's your obsession with beans?

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    Jo Mazz

    Re: Why yalls advice isn't applied

    What's your obsession with beans?

    LOL! Good one.

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    Keith .

    How about this, Amber?

    How about this, Amber? Continue to write, but also read a novel per week (at least 3 per month). Read every day from any and every genre you choose. You'll see great writing, good, bad and total crap. I promise you'll learn from each. If you do this most of your grammar, structure and dialogue problems will go away. No effort, no work. Just read and you can keep writing. After you've read a dozen or so, you may want someone to point you toward resources on novel construction. If so, pop in to this or another writers board. How about it? You wanna get better? Read.


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    The Midnight Writer

    Re: How about this, Amber?

    i don't recall ever "advicing" anyone...

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    Amber Autry

    Re: How about this, Amber?

    I do read, which before I started writing I just read, but now when I read I actually look at the words I'm reading, so I kinda already do this. I don't read as often as I use to though so I probally should get to reading.

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    Re: How about this, Amber?

    All this agonising over *exactly* what word and style to use halts the writing process and turns writers into mediocre clones. It obliterates the most saleable aspect of your writing -- your very own *original* voice. Just write. If you have an outstanding story, editors will soon fix up any glitches.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    keep writing

    Okay, so the thread's gone on far too long. But just in case:

    I don't think Amber should stop writing until she learns better.

    Sure, she's got to do much work before her writing becomes sellable, but the fact is that the only reliable tactic to reduce the amount of crappiness that seeps into the writing of most people is to write, & write more, & then when you can't stand looking at a pen (much less a keyboard), writing.

    Yes, Amber needs to read, & read a lot. Stuff about writing. Stuff like she hopes to sell. Classic literature, cheap hack fiction, newspapers, technical journals.

    Yes, Amber needs to take some classes, not necessarily to learn anything, but to become comfortable with the act of writing.

    But while she's picking up these chops, she should also be writing, writing often, & writing about various topics & interests & subjects, knowing at the beginning that it's likely NONE of it will ever see print.

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