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Thread: Your thoughts

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    Dave S

    Re: Your thoughts

    Steve, Jayceís and Keithís remarks are right on the money.

    You writing reminds me of something I read on this site, which Iíll paraphrase:

    Writing is like playing a musical instrument. To do it well takes practice, often years of practice. Even the most talented sound bad when they first try. Think of writing as a life long pursuit, and always be learning.

    Donít get discouraged. Keep at it.

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    Steven Leonardo

    Re: Your thoughts

    Well thank you for the good advice, Keith. And you did fine too, really good and fair advice.

    Dave, I have been writing most of my life, I took creative writing at my college and I learned a lot. Maybe this section wasn't ready to see the light of day. After all it is a first draft and I wrote it quickly.

    Thanks again for the good advice, guys. I'll be back with a revision.

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