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    stevenlabri ô¿ô

    Re: 141 word sentence

    Oh si'.

    Got your back on that one Joe.

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    Misty Mann

    Re: 141 word sentence

    If you all knew him or worked with him, you'd know he most certainly is not a poser. He's honest and his insights are thought-provoking. I suggest anyone to take his workshops. I think he's in Arizona right now, but he'll be back to UofM if he's not already. You might like his workshop and learn something valuable. Geez, I think I've developed a writer's crush. ha!

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    Debra Storky

    Re: 141 word sentence

    "past the marks of their descending?" I don't care how many awards he's won or how high falutin' he is, that's just dumb. If my kids wrote that in an essay, I'd make them correct it.

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    nancy drew

    Re: 141 word sentence

    "It's difficult for me to know where to start with rugby. I come from a fanatically rugby-conscious Welsh miner's family, know so much about it, have read so much about it, have heard with delight so many massive lies and stupendous exaggerations about it and have contributed my own fair share, and five of my six brothers played it, one with some distinction, and I mean I even knew a Welsh woman from Taibach who before a home match at Aberavon would drop goals from around forty yards with either foot to entertain the crowd, and her name, I remember, was Annie Mort and she wore sturdy shoes, the kind one reads about in books as “sensible,” though the recipient of a kick from one of Annie's shoes would have been not so much sensible as insensible, and I even knew a chap called Five Cush Cannon who won the sixth replay of a cup final (the previous five encounters, having ended with the scores 0-0, 0-0, 0-0, 0-0, 0-0 including extra time) by throwing the ball over the bar from a scrum ten yards out in a deep fog and claiming a dropped goal. And getting it."

    First three sentences of Richard Burton's essay on rugby. The second sentence has 185 words.

    Course, maybe it's easier to digest long sentences on rugby than it is genocide.

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    Janice W-D

    Re: 141 word sentence

    When it comes to sentence length, I'm pro-variety. My once in a while incredibly long sentences enhance the shorter ones, you know. Sentence frags. I toss those into stories too.

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    Christopher P

    Re: 141 word sentence

    You should've seen my ex's list of complaints. THAT was a run-on sentence.

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