I foolishly offered to lead a discussion tomorrow about endnotes, yet I have no particular expertise in this subject. I use Chicago Manual of Style, but wonder if any of you know of other good reference books or articles. In particular, I am interested in discussions of whether publishers generally want manuscripts to have the traditional style of notes that are keyed to text by numbers,or are they beginning to prefer notes keyed to text by chapter and page number, then by phrase or sentence? There is a third approach which I see occasionally. Nathaniel Philbrick used it in his book, Mayflower. Here,the notes are in narrative form, organized by chapter.

I'd be interested in any of your comments about the different approaches for endnotes, or any references to good articles on this subject. Likely university presses prefer the traditional, but how do we prepare a manuscript for, say, a biography that is intended for a trade audience?

Thanks for any suggestions!