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    Alex Hipkins

    Has anyone ever....

    Has anyone ever created a name for a character in one of their works, or of something in their work, that they had no knowledge of whether it was real or had a meaning to it?

    I just did that with one of my characters, which is a spirit whose name is a put together of a Hebrew word meaning My Father and an Archangel.

    I did not know that his name had any meaning at all, but looking into it, I think that it is very fitting of what I imagined the character to be like and what it is believed to be in mythology and religion.

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    Misty Mann

    Re: Has anyone ever....

    That happens to me when I'm writing a good story. However, I have to ask why your character (spirit) would have such a weird name. Is his name AbaMichael, AbaGabriel, or some variant? That sounds like a made up name to me, not an accident.

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    Alex Hipkins

    Re: Has anyone ever....

    Abi'sama'el is the name for my spirit. Abi, yes means My father, or father, depending on the variation you use, and sama'el is a variant of samael, which is one of the archangels, referred to as both good and evil in descriptions.

    I had not read into any of it before coming up with the name, it just appeared to happen that way and a friend actually researched it some and told me what it was. His guess was that it could have been a subconscious creation from having watched Hellboy a few years back, as Samael is who the main villain is supposed to be.

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    Busy Lizzy

    Re: Has anyone ever....

    I had an experience like that too. In my novel, I gave one of the characters a name, any name, that sounded perfect for that person.

    The novel takes place in a fictional shop in a real town. When I googled shops of that type in that town, I discovered that the name of the "real" shop, located in the street I decided to put it in, is named exactly like my character's name.

    It was a very weird coincidence. Needless to say, I changed the name of the character.

    So you see, you're not the only one.

    Creepy, when that type of thing happens...

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    Naomi R

    Re: Has anyone ever....

    I did that once. I named a character by mixing the names of his grandmother and uncle so that his name was Arius, and a few weeks later, I found that it actually meant something and fit his character well. Even if there's irony in the name, it's still pretty cool though.

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    The Midnight Writer

    Re: Has anyone ever....

    i gave my heroine, who is usurping a throne, a snappy made up nickname for her longer feminine name and when i looked it up, it meant usurper. i seriously had no idea.

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    Gregory White

    Re: Has anyone ever....

    yes. In the novel I am working on, the main character's name is Cybil. The book would be considered magical realism and she is a modern witch.

    I didn't know until six months into the project that Cybil meant "sooth sayer".


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