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    Dami Owoyele

    Self-Editing: A Colossal Undertaking

    Thank you very much.

    I will like to acknowledge Jeanne's opinion the most. It is true that screen editing will not completely do the job. Then, I will couple it with paper editing. The Idea of reading it out also sound great.

    Thank you Linden for sharing Stephen King's theory of editing. I will also put that in mind.

    Finley and Ray's advice was also an eye-opener.

    I am sorry to have been silly enough to have mixed up "Undertaking" for "Undertaken".

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    Re: Self-Editing: A Colossal Undertaking

    Hey, we've all made that kind of mistake. I was kidding with you.

    You can always post a few paragraphs here and let us take a shot at editing it. If you can handle hearing other people's opinions, you might want to give it a try.

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    Dami Owoyele

    Re: Self-Editing: A Colossal Undertaking

    Thank you Leslee

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