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    Joe Zeff

    Re: The Lottery Question

    There is a system that *might* help a little, and at worst, can't hurt: pick those numbers that have come up most often. If the game is completely random, it won't hurt; if there's any bias, it's probably in favor of the numbers that are coming up a lot.

    Many people think it's better to pick the numbers that haven't come up because "it's their turn." However, the machinery picking the numbers has no memory, and every draw is separate; probability doesn't work like that, so a number that's not come up for a while is no more likely to come up now, than before. However, if the balls aren't exactly alike, and it's easier for some to be picked than others (something the people behind the lottery try to avoid) the ones that are coming up frequently are probably the ones getting the benefit from whatever imbalance there is.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: The Lottery Question

    I do Saturday afternoon Bingo with my stepmom & 2-4 of her friends. We pool our winnings & split it up at the end of the day. Three of the last four weeks, we nailed the blackout (all-covered) game for $500 -- last week, I only managed to hit Letter-X for $99. Not bad for an investment of maybe $20 each.

    But we do it because we like an excuse to meet up with these people for a few hours. We rarely play any other Bingo. We sit around the VFW, harass other players & the caller & each other, drink a few cheap beers, & generally keep doing it even if none of us has won anything in a month. Extrinsic vs. intrinsic rewards.

    I play scratch-off games when I've got a couple extra dollars in my pocket. I choose games that're amusing to play, like "Deal or No Deal" or (surprise!) the Bingo-type games. I spend less than I used to on pinball & video games, & sometimes make $20.

    Whether writing or gambling, do it because it amuses you. Enjoy the process, & be surprised by the occasional reward.

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