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    Matt Austin

    The Lottery Question

    When I started writing four years ago I asked myself if I would be any good at it. Is this something I want to do?

    The answer to the first question wasn't clear at the time, I knew I wasn't very good in the beginning, but as time went by I became more comfortable with it.

    Years ago a friend asked me if I won a big lottery, would I keep doing what I was doing for a living. I didn't hesitate for a moment. The answer was NO. A lot of people say they would have to keep working in some capacity because they couldn't imagine doing nothing at all.

    I really like the idea of golfing and touring around the world, and doing nothing else.

    The same friend asked me that same lottery question yesterday. I surprised myself by instantly saying I would want to keep writing. Sure, I'd be writing on a beach in the Dominican, but I'd still be trying to become a published author. I enjoy it that much.

    Do I think I'm good at it? Yes I do, and I think that's the difference. I'm a professional cartoonist now and an aspiring author. A lot of people say I'm a VERY good cartoonist, but I've never really loved doing it, so I never felt confident enough to say I was good at it.

    I know I'm not a GREAT writer, and maybe I never will be, but I enjoy it more than anything else I've ever done so I'm going to keep doing it, published or no, wealthy or not.

    Can anyone else answer the lottery question? Any stories you'd like to share.

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    Rogue Mutt

    Re: The Lottery Question

    If I won the lottery I'd be too busy in my hot tub full of supermodels to worry about writing anything.

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    Misty Mann

    Re: The Lottery Question

    I've discussed this issue before with a few writing mentors under different premises and whatnot. What I've gathered is that writers are writers because for whatever reason they don't feel as complete if they don't write. There is a primal need to transfer words and ideas onto paper. So, it wouldn't matter if you were so rich bills spilled from your eye sockets, you would still be compelled to write. The end.

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    Dave O

    Re: The Lottery Question

    I would continue writing as well. The pressure would be off - I wouldn't have to worry as much about having a career, getting or not getting published, etc, but I'd still want to write. And if I were rich, I'd have the resources to self-publish if worst came to worst.

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    larry moses

    Re: The Lottery Question

    I'd write much more. Lottery or not, I'll write until arthritis take over my hands.

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    A.L. Sirois

    Re: The Lottery Question

    I'd definitely write more.

    And by the way, Matt, I'd <u>love</u> to be a cartoonist. I used to be a comic book artist, but I'd much rather be a cartoonist (or an animator) than what I do now (web content design).

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    Re: The Lottery Question

    Its an interesting philosophical question however; I believe you may look at it differently if writing became your full time job.

    I love to ride horses, however if my job was herding cattle, I dont think I would come home and saddle up.

    I know people fascinated with computers and technology. Im in the business, so to me, its just a business.

    As a writer, I enjoy the time for a couple of reasons. One, its an escape which allows me to relax. Two, I am creative by nature. Three, I am restless and need something to occupy my mind. I still have to understand however that writing (all of this) is deflection of the pressures I work with each day. Looking back, I built a couple of custom cars, a few houses, started a number of companies, then settled down and wrote three novels back to back. In retrospect, I did all of these things in order to fill my spare timeI was bored. That said, of every experience, I enjoy writing the most and which has remained a constant through my years.

    Now the question is, if one had to do this for a living. Understanding you won the mythical lottery and could walk away from writing at any time, I would probably choose the beach writing, something else exotic, or perhaps supermodels serving me while I created my masterpiece. The truth of the matter however would be that you would have an agent, a publisher, a publicist, a lawyer, and an accountant. Pressure? You aint seen nothing until your editor says, Rewrite chapters 3 through 12 and get them to me in the morning.

    Im sorry. What?

    Oh yeah. I won the lottery and could tell him to piss off.

    I think once writing becomes work, it no longer becomes the escape you think you need--perhaps I could be wrong.

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    Matt Austin

    Re: The Lottery Question

    Good points stevenlabri. I guess if writing became your main source of meat and potatoes, you would feel differently about it.

    A.L.: It's funny how you'd love to be a cartoonist and I'd love to be a professional author. It seems we want most that which we don't yet have.

    I guess that's why we buy the lottery tickets...

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    Re: The Lottery Question

    Maybe you a A.L. can find the Chinese restaurant from Freaky Friday and exchange fortune cookies.

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    S Stull

    Re: The Lottery Question

    I would go to university somewhere exotic... But I would write. Writing is important to me. I'd skip the beach though. My skin would bitch at me if I went.

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