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Thread: First chapter

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    Anne Eldridge

    First chapter

    Hello All.

    Wondering if there is a place here where it is acceptable to post an entire chapter. I've lurked a bit and noticed excerpts.


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    Rogue Mutt

    Re: First chapter

    Depends on how long it is. And put extra space between your paragraphs so it doesn't run together!

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    cara k

    Re: First chapter

    This is the right place, but I agree with Rogue. Sometimes when a sample is too long, I just don't have enough time to read it through critically, form advice, and then post.

    And the spacing between paragraphs is a necessity.

    --Cara K

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    Keith .

    Re: First chapter

    Just one fool's opinion: Ditto on the double spacing and post <500 words at a time. Trade bigger chunks off-board.

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    Re: First chapter

    Don't post an entire chapter. You won't get enough readers to make it worthwhile.

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    stevenlabri τΏτ

    Re: First chapter

    You could blog it and send the link. The formatting is usually better. Or post some, a couple of hundred words and blog the rest.

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