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    stevenlabri τΏτ

    Re: Whos uses Linux?

    No need to use Word. Download Open Office http://www.openoffice.org/ (FREE) or Star Office http://www.sun.com/software/staroffice/index.jsp for $70.

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    Joe Zeff

    Re: Whos uses Linux?

    Linux is a Free Open Source Operating System. That's free like in beer, people, not like in speech. There are many different "flavors" of Linux, one of which is Ubuntu, a distro designed for Windows refugees. (I use Fedora; my sister uses Ubuntu. I'm thinking of installing Puppy Linux on the laptop I'm using now because it will fit into the small amount of RAM it has; there are many more.)

    There are practically NO Linux viruses out there, and none that are a problem. (They're just "proof of concept.") You don't need anti-virus software, addaware, anti-malware or a third-party firewall because the firewall's built in and really works.

    OpenOffice can do almost anything MSOffice does, and can read/write the MS formats. MS can't, yet, reciprocate. The Gimp can do almost anything anybody except a professional would need from PhotoShop. MOst of these programs come preinstalled.

    When I used Windows on my desktop, I had to reboot several times a day; now, it's once or twice a month. Stability isn't a bad joke any more.

    Go to Ubuntu.com read about it and download the Live CD Image. Burn that to a CD as an image, and you'll have a bootable CD. If you browse it, you should see a large number of files, instead of just one. If all goes well, leave the CD in the drive and reboot. You'll have the option of booting into Linux off the CD for a test-drive. Don't worry, it won't change your hard disk at this point. Later, if you like it, you can install it as a second OS.

    BTW, just to be accurate, OSX is based on Free-BSD, not Linux. Unless you're a computer geek, the distinction won't mean anything, but it's best to be accurate.

    HTH, HAND and all that jazz.

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    Rich DeRuvo

    Re: Whos uses Linux?

    I tried burning the iso to the disc and when i booted from cd it gave me the option to install it. It was the only thing to really do so i started than turned off the comp because I panicked that I may be overriding my windows OS. Do I still install it after booting from CD?

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    Joe Zeff

    Re: Whos uses Linux?

    No. There are several options: install, run from the CD or use the OS on your hard disk. Take the one to run from the CD. I'm not sure the exact phrasing, but it should be clear once you know what to look for. If you like it, look at the Ubuntu forums for instructions on how to set up your hard disk with two operating systems. It's not hard, but it can be a tad scary at first.

    As far as overwriting Windows, one of the options in the install is to set you up for dual boot, and that will be the one to use for right now. Each time you boot, you can select between Linux or Windows as needed.

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    nom de plume

    Re: Whos uses Linux?

    Joe, thanks for your informative posts.

    I'm a heavy-duty Photoshop user. Under your Ubuntu scenario, am I correct in concluding I'd reboot and select Windows whenever I want to Photoshop? I wouldn't be interested in Gimp. Any way I can avoid installing this program?

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    Joe Zeff

    Re: Whos uses Linux?

    The Gimp (The Gnome Image Manipulation Program) is part of the standard install; you can always remove it, although there's little point to it. From what I understand, there are a few specialized functions that Photoshop can do that The Gimp can't, yet, but for almost anything you want, it's just as good. (Not the same; it's got its own way of doing things, but the effects are the same.) If you need to use Photoshop, yes, you'll need to use Windows. There's a program called "Wine" that's included that lets you run most Windows programs under Linux, but Photoshop isn't one of them.

    As I said above, the Ubuntu forums are your best resource, or you're welcome to email me because this isn't really the right place for this.

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    Roxanne Skelly

    Re: Whos uses Linux?

    Been a few days, but I use linux at work. Mostly Fedora, CentOS and Ubuntu.
    I've also used Windows...alot...for $.

    Linux really isn't ready for the desktop, IMHO. Installing new programs is rough. Some programs depend on others, and keeping everything up to date is challenge, as not even the programmers keep things up to date.

    Multimedia is also a bit rough.

    And try surfing to any websites that require java. Installing java and integrating it with the web browser requires an IT person.

    Linux is getting better, though. Open office and Gimp do just fine for what they are.

    Now for windows? I recently tried to install Vista service pack 1. I ended up having to reformat the computer and install fresh. Windows XP is ok.

    So I made the decision to buy a new computer a year ago. I really really really love my MacBook. First Mac I've ever owned. Beats windows and linux hands down.
    Few bugs, quick, and it does just what I want. For writing, I use Microsoft Office (yeah, I know, but I get the 'former employee discount')

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