An interesting topic this: Because of the long hours of my evil day job I don't get to write every day. when I do get down to it I find it completly necessary to re-read my manuscript. Romance is all about the emotions of the characters. You must get into their heads,hearts,and pants to write it. It aint a business letter!

By then my back starts to hurt from sitting, and I take my hardcopy into the bedroom and lay on my stomach on the bed. I find the lack of photons bombarding my brain lets me visualize quite well and I have got some good stuff this way.

Actually we are lucky as writers to have both modes available to us. Take it from someone who was writing before computers came along, word processing is much faster.

Consider poor Kipling who had to pound a manual typewriter by flickering lamplight in the regimental biviouc whilst spearchucking juramentados lurked about. Or Hemingway, who scribbled in his notebook from a spanish foxhole while Luftwaffe dive bombers screamed overhead. Now those were distractions!