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Thread: Other Media

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    John Washington

    Other Media

    If you include, directly reference, describe, and comment on a song, movie, television show, another book during a work of fiction, does the publisher need to \\\"get permission” to use it and must they pay for it? Is that really true?


    ... Mrs. Charlee, with her usually wobbled stance, stood in the doorway of the kitchen and barked to her stepdaughter. “What you doin? Fixin a meal or tryin out for “Soul Train?” Flour on her palms and sweat on her brow, Erica sighed deeply as she reached across the chicken frying on the stove top to turn down the worn silver dial of the transistor radio. The once liberating music of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” slowly drifted below the hot crackle of fried chicken in the pan and the uncomfortable silence in the kitchen as Erica turned to give Mrs. Charlee a blazing stare.

    Any and all info would be a big help!



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    Ray Veen

    Re: Other Media

    I sure hope somebody smart knows the answer cuz I sure don't. But I want to.

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    Ce Ce

    Re: Other Media

    Titles can't be copyrighted.

    As long as you don't quote actual lyrics (which do require permission and, usually, payment), you're fine.

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    John Washington

    Re: Other Media

    To all that have replied on all the threads thank you so much for the info!


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