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    Nan Hammond

    Re: Where do you find the motivation to write?


    *is gonna have poo images all day*

    My motivation comes from the incredibly mundane. I find everyday life so boring, writing tends to be my outlet. Its so much more interesting pretending and making stuff up!


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    Aaron Brown

    Re: Where do you find the motivation to write?

    My motivation mostly comes from other writers. The published ones, that is. I'm a fantasy/sci-fi guy, so I get inspired by writers like Robin Hobb, Steven Erikson, George Martin, Robert Jordan (rip), you know, the big names. But I get motivated by guys like Brandon Sanderson--someone who can write a good book, but when I read it I think, I bet I could write a better story. What motivates me is knowing in my gut I can write a better story than a lot of the published authors I read. So I get up at 6, go to work, get home at 4, and try to carve out a 2 hour block of writing while splitting the rest of my time between 4 kids and a wife.

    Sometimes the pull of family is very strong, and I don't write the whole time. But I feel suficiently guilty enough for not writing for 2 hours that I make it up on the weekends.

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