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Thread: Horror and Gore

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    Rogue Mutt

    Re: Horror and Gore

    No one mentions Brett Easton Ellis... so there.

    OK, I thought the gore in "American Psycho" got to be too much after a while. The part with the rat and the woman really made me cringe.

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    cara k

    Re: Horror and Gore

    Imo, bloody gore is the flip side of graphic sex. From a writer's point of view, that is. I don't want to have everything spelled out for me. I want to allow my imagination to fill in the details.

    --Cara K

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    P Allison

    Re: Horror and Gore

    I love the horror genre, but hate mindless "gore porn" and do not read much of the work that's out there for that reason. I like to be scared, not grossed out---big difference.

    I have long thought the blood soaked crap drags down the genre as a whole, and that is a shame. To me, horror should be about exploring the emotion of fear with integrity and solid writing (characterization, plot, etc.). It shouldn't be about shock value or splashing buckets of blood across pages. Less is more, and I think if blood and violence is integral to the story or can deliver a true emotional wallop to the reader, then use it. But it has to be meaningful.

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    Patrick Edwards

    Re: Horror and Gore

    I thought this was a Global Warming post ...

    I'm late to the game, but that was some funny sh**!

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    Patrick Edwards

    Re: Horror and Gore

    I prefer the gore horror over the psychological/subtle horror. I realize this thread is mostly referring to book-stories, but the films I get off on are the ones like "The Frontier(s)" or "Hostel," not the Asian horror flicks, many of which have not enough bloody gore in them.

    BTW: I think once you begin to watch bloody gore in films, it's rather tough to read about it. I mean, one would guess it would be okay because, now, you're probably better able to visualize the eruption of guts...but, for me, it's the opposite: I've come to want to actually see it.

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