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    Busy Lizzy

    Care to have a look?

    Hey, everyone,

    If you care to have a look, you can read my story on the "Can I sit with you" website.


    Just for fun and interest.

    Busy Lizzy

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    cara k

    Re: Care to have a look?

    Are you thinking of making a children's story based on your experience?

    --Cara K

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    Busy Lizzy

    Re: Care to have a look?

    No, I just wrote this for the "Can I sit with you?" - site, because they asked for submissions. (in "Unpublished Writers" in WN)

    They wrote back that it was exactly what they were looking for and published it straight away.

    I was really pleased at that quick and positive reaction.

    I've written a women's lit novel I'm submitting momentarily and I'm busy writing the second one.

    Maybe I'll fit something like that into a novel one day, but I don't know yet.

    Busy Lizzy

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    nancy drew

    Re: Care to have a look?

    Nice ending to this, Lizzy.

    What a snarky teacher. Liked your use of "nutsie."

    You've an approachable style.

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    Busy Lizzy

    Re: Care to have a look?

    Thanks for reading it, Nancy and for your comments.

    The story is really true, and I had no idea of what made those kids call me a "nutsy".

    I'm fairly certain that they didn't know what it meant either. They probably thought it meant "loony" or something. It's a strange world.

    Busy Lizzy

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