Thanks for opening this thread. I have completed an E-Book,
"DESPERATE FOR CHANGE: How to Re-Create Yourself and Live the Life You Deserve."

It is a self-improvement book (163 pages) 1.5 spaced. This book is simply written for the person who is stuck and desperate for change. If you have experienced the same themes over and over again; lack, nagging discontentment because you are not fulfilling your purpose/business, relationship stress, stagnation or mind chatter that paralyzes you--this book may be a good companion for you.

I wrote this book because I was stuck for many years. I was educated, talented and driven, yet I kept ending up at the same place year after year. On paper and in person, I looked great, but I was fighting a silent war inside. Throughout this book, I am revealing principles and wisdom that catapulted me from where I was, to a place with astounding results in my relationships, profession, finances and health (mental, emotional and physical). In addition to my own experiences, I have drawn on the experiences of individuals and families that I have counseled. I have learned what keeps people and what frees them to a life of abundance.

*If you are interested in critiquing this book, please let me know. If you would like editing in exchange, I'll be more than glad to provide it. Thanks!