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    I need help with a category

    I'm currently working on a book of short stories(very interesting ones I might add). They are based on situations that have happened with me as well as others close to me. No real names will be used and I've decided to switch the situations up a little to make them even more interesting. In my opinion the book will not be considered fiction, because it's based on actual events. So what catagory or genre should it be considered. I really appreciate feedback on this one. thanks

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    Linden Holidae


    actually... if you change things around, 'switch the situations up a little,' etc. it would be fiction, wouldn't it? A non-fiction, isn't that NON-FAKE?

    Nonfiction: factual writing: writings that convey factual information and are not primarily works of the creative imagination....

    So... what would it be classified as? hummmm....

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    the cat came back

    Re: fiction/nonfiction...


    Gee, I really had to cudgel my brains for that one. Ouch!

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    Donatellia Austin

    Re: fiction/nonfiction...

    ......hrm....I would think fiction. It's not like nonficion
    like Linden said. But it's not fanasty ethier. Fiction.
    I'm almost positive.


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    stevenlabri τΏτ

    Re: fiction/nonfiction...

    Of course it's fiction and be sure to call it a fiction novella.

    Second piece of advice. It's free so you know what it's worth. Take your short stories, connect them, and turn them into a long story. You will have a better chance of landing an agent.

    Now to answer other questions:

    How many words are in a novel?
    More than 80K would be a good start, but since your new, 100,000.

    How many chapters are in a book?
    As many or as few as you wish.

    Do you know a good agent?
    Yes, and you should too.

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    Re: fiction/nonfiction...

    Thanks so much for the great advice. I'm going to sit down and figure out how to link the stories in some way, come up with a rough draft first and go from there.

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    stevenlabri τΏτ

    Re: fiction/nonfiction...

    Great attitude.

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