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    Dale Day

    Which is most appropriate?

    I need some help!

    I've just about completed Sonora Symphony (The Facts and Legends of the Sonora Desert) and want to know what everybody thinks the Point of View should be.

    The piece is creative or narrative non-fiction about a just-retired Army sergeant who stops in Gila Bend, New Mexico and meets a member of the Papago tribe who is a retired professor of Native American Anthropology. He recognized the MC as a soldier and they strike up a friendship. The Professor take the MC to his home and, over an unidentified period, shows him the life and beauty of the Sonora Desert along with the history and lore of the people who live in the Southwest.

    The Blood Stone by Irvin Morris about a Navajo legend is writted in First Person past tense.

    Some others books I've recently read are written in Third Person past tense.

    Which do you think works best?

    Thanks for your viewpoints.

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    Rogue Mutt

    Re: Which is most appropriate?

    I'd say use first person for anything in the present and if you flashback to historical periods then use third person.

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    Paul Harris

    Re: Which is most appropriate?

    I don't understand. How have you managed to nearly complete the book yet not have a POV?

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    Denis Bonner

    Re: Which is most appropriate?

    I confess to being puzzled by the genre - creative or narrative non-fiction.
    Does this mean it is a true story?

    I would not thought that a work could be called either creative or narrative.

    As for the POV, I want to ask the same question as Paul.

    An unidentified period also strikes me as curious wording.

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    Keith .

    Re: Which is most appropriate?

    What Paul said. If you haven't chosen POV, then you haven't started-let alone finished.

    What are your most compelling chapters/scenes. Write them each way and see what tugs the hardest. Then shut up and write.

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    Paul Harris

    Re: Which is most appropriate?

    Thanks for the support. I was fearful that a radical new way of writing had been developed behind my back.

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