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    Nikki Smith

    Single sentence paragraphs....

    I'm all over the place today.

    Anyhow, I'm catching myself using sentences at the ends of my regular paragraphs as a way of making a particluar piece of information stand out.

    When I caught myself doing this I scoped out the Stella Cameron novel I was reading and sure enough there are single sentence paragraphs. I'm sure there's some sort of sub-conscious link here, but I'm a writer, not a doctor.

    Anyhoo...does anyone else do this?

    I actually like doing it, but if its a big bad no-no I'd like to know.

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    Jean Bonifacio

    Re: Single sentence paragraphs....

    Single sentence paragraphs? Yep! I am so guilty of reading an author and catching myself copying how they wrote. ie: Sophie Kinsella and how the main character's thoughts are funnier than the actual dialogue. My way of thinking is if I'm copying how a published author writes, how could it be a no-no?

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    Rogue Mutt

    Re: Single sentence paragraphs....

    You can do it now and again for effect, but if you start doing it all the time it would be annoying.

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    Cara K

    Re: Single sentence paragraphs....

    I agree with Rogue. The point is to make a thought stand out. If you do it constantly, it isn't making an impact, it's just making the writing monotonous. That said, I do use the effect myself. I'm just careful (I hope) not to overdo.
    I often pick up different writing styles, too. Although I've heard others deride it, I think it's a healthy way to grow as a writer. We all have to pick up ideas somewhere, right?

    --Cara K

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    June Casagrande

    Re: Single sentence paragraphs....

    I do it, too. And agree wholeheartedly with Rogue and Cara.

    Kurt Vonnegut has a famous one-word paragraph. That paragraph:


    Got my attention, it did.

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    Kate B.

    Re: Single sentence paragraphs....

    I use it, too. When I edit, I pull out most of my single line paragraphs...I leave maybe 3-4 in the whole manuscript in the places where I have a "reveal."

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    Nikki Smith

    Re: Single sentence paragraphs....

    I feel better.

    My husband read my work and pointed it out and suddenly I wasn't so sure.

    I couldn't say if I've overdone it, but I'll keep it an eye out for that in editing.

    Thanks folks.

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    Ray Veen

    Re: Single sentence paragraphs....

    I do it on pretty much every page. Sometimes twice. Then again, I'm a very very breezy writer, and I see it as an important part of a balanced breakfast.

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    the cat came back

    Re: Single sentence paragraphs....

    I use it, too. In fact I tend to overuse it.

    Soemtimes, it's just the right touch.

    Like here?


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    Mandy Pauza

    Re: Single sentence paragraphs....

    I have to go back over my writing after I'm happy with each sentence and pull the darn things together into actual paragraphs. For me the problem is the format of a computer screen that makes one sentence look bigger than it is, and I think I've written too much.

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