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Thread: I am new

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    haribol Acharya

    I am new

    I am a budding writer. I am newly introduce here. I have a passion for writing. Literature has been my domain of interest since my babyhood, something that always occupied me. I have not a single day I have not thought about or passed my time without brushing or retrenching my style of writing.

    I am from Nepal, and I started writing in Nepali, my mother tongue. Since English has been growingly an international language I switched to writing in English. I had difficulty expressing things in English initially by living in Nepal. I had to practice English only in books and indeed I had hard times to comprehend hard words and complex sentence structures.

    Now getting used to the internet it has really been easier for me to hone my writing skills by being in contact with writers across the world.

    Today I came upon this site and got excited at being honored the access to this.

    I am really thrilled to be with you together on this forum.

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    Sail Away

    Re: I am new

    Welcome, haribol. Hope you enjoy the site.


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    nancy drew

    Re: I am new

    Hi Haribol;

    There's lots to see on this site. Sift through past threads and you'll learn plenty.

    And I hope you don't mind our occasional ribbing. We're silly folk here.


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    Mandy Pauza

    Re: I am new

    Are you reading English language novels too? There's a cadence and flow to English that goes beyond using the right words in the right order. Your English seems well developed but when I came across another post of yours, before reading this one, I knew you weren't a native Englilsh speaker. It will make your stories very difficult to critique. I think it will be interesting though!

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