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Thread: Critique Group

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    Rogue Mutt

    Re: Critique Group

    I think Keith and I need to start our own critique group.

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    Keith .

    Re: Critique Group

    Say the word, Doggie. My email addy here is active. I write YA and like anything that doesn't call a four-legged canine a lobindorf. It's a freaking' dog.

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    Number One

    Re: Critique Group

    John, Rogue, Keith --

    Looks like we hava a quorum . . . four of us looking for critique partners.

    Any of you *really* interested? If so, email me.

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    Mandy Pauza

    Re: Critique Group

    I'm interested!

    -waves hand and looks doe eyed innocent about what she's asking for-

    My only reader at the moment is my daughter... I love her... she loves me... it's all good... and I'd rather get torn apart.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    here's the harsh lesson:

    Some years ago, I knew a bunch of people -- like 15 -- who started a crit group, sf/f/h.

    At the outset, they all agreed that their group had the sole central focus of making them all professional authors.

    They had closed meetings, sometimes 2-3/week. They wrote obsessively, they read each other's stuff almost as obsessively. They were blunt & nasty to each other, & to themselves.

    There was yelling, screaming, death threats, & (literally) more than a bit of hysterical weeping.

    Three years later, there were only two people left in the group.

    And they both had sold multiple novels.

    The ones who'd left had not yet gotten published. Some of them still haven't.

    So, if you're gonna start (or, to a lesser extent, join) a crit group, you'd beter know what you want. And then you'd better establish whether everyone's got -- or at least claims to have -- the same shining goal.

    Are you there to just write for the sake of Ahhht?

    Or to pound things into place so you can send it off to Xlibris without embarrassing yourself too badly in front of Aunt Martha?

    Or to get one book published with a reputable publisher?

    Or to launch a writing career that actually pays the rent for a few years?

    Are you writing fiction, or autobio, or service books? What sort? Are the members' different goals compatible? Would you trust them to give decent crit on your niche?

    Are you writing articles, or books, or series?

    If someone fudges their way into the group, how do you go about banning them when they try to reshape the group into what they want? How do you dump someone who takes a lot of group time & refuses to accept what s/he's told in crit?

    No, you don't need to figure this all out before you start -- but you will DEFINITELY need to get it together in the first few meetings, or it's an exercise in group wankery & everyone will go home forever after they run out of metaphorical Kleenex.

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