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Thread: \back-slash\

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    Derek Wayne


    Out of nothing but curiosity...why do some people use a \ when writing? I've noticed it on many posts and find it a little strange. (I\'ve found it a little strange.\)Is there a specific reason?


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    Re: \back-slash\

    Use of back-slash is reserved for WN members whose posting have exceeded one-million words. As you approach that lofty number, you will be contacted by the WN moderators, who will arrange for a ceremony--in the venue of your choosing--where you will be inducted into the "One million words I wasted instead of working on my novel" club.

    (There is also a rumor that the back-slash mysteriously appears when cutting and pasting from certain word processors into WN, but don't fall for it.)

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    Keith .

    Re: \back-slash\

    Don't\believe\a\word\Jayce\says. I\have\a\life. I\swear. I've\many\better\things\to\do\than\post\here. Jeesh\Mods! Turn\this\damned\thing\off!

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    Gravity Fades

    Re: \back-slash\

    It's our quirky WN software going through its paces. In cyber years it's quite elderly (Donkey Kong-era, don'cha know), and sometimes has episodes; you know, like your Uncle Phil that one time at the wake. Just part of its charm!

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    Patrick Edwards

    Re: \back-slash\

    jayce, as long as I've been here, I actually was falling for your explanation, even to the point of quickly posting to see if I was in the "club."

    Yes, I feel like a real idiot...mixed with an odd wonderment of "being in the presence of magic."

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