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Thread: # of Characters

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    nancy drew

    Re: # of Characters

    Nick Hornby does a great job with A Long Way Down. Four main characters who meet on top of a fifteen-story building, all planning to off themselves because their lives are so wretched.

    And it works. Check it out, Tara.

    In fact, Johnny Depp loved the concept so much, he bought the rights to the book when it first came out, sight unseen.

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    Patrick Edwards

    Re: # of Characters

    Good reco, nancy

    I recently read that one (A Long Way Down), and I thought it was absolutely an awesome read. And it is an excellent lesson.

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    Tara Allen

    Re: # of Characters

    Thank you all for the great advice. I am glad I asked the question. I can't wait to check out the books you have recommended. For now I am going to keep the characters I have the way I have them, until the whole book is done. I can always edit later. Thanks again for all the helpful hints.

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