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Thread: Word Pictures

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    Dale Day

    Word Pictures

    “The sun had gone so low that haze turned its disk golden-orange. A broken road of brightness ran from it over the wavelets, casting glitter to either side. They were purple in the distance, tawny closer to hand. Here and there, swayed dark patches, native thalassophyte; but overhead, in heights still blue, shone the wings of three gulls.”

    I encountered this in a SciFi novel, a genre I’ve not read for some time. It blew me away, making me wonder if I have the skills to paint a picture with words like that. I could close my eyes and SEE the scene.

    The problem for me is, that by the end of the first chapter, I still am not sure of who and what it is about.

    Anyone care to guess who the author is and which of his many books it came from?

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    Rogue Mutt

    Re: Word Pictures

    That was in a scifi novel? Sounds like something for a romance novel.

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    Gravity Fades

    Re: Word Pictures

    PLEASE don't say it was Harlan Ellison...

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    Jeanne Gassman

    Re: Word Pictures

    Ray Bradbury? Just a guess here...


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    Keith .

    Re: Word Pictures

    It's Poul Anderson. I guess I'm weird, but I hate that kind of description. He's a Hugo and I think Nebula winner though, so what do I know?

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    The Midnight Writer

    Re: Word Pictures

    Rogue Mutt, of course it's scifi: it has the word "thalassophyte" in it...

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    Finnley Wren

    Re: Word Pictures

    If the skies were lapis lazuli, it would be Dan Simmons.

    His skies are always lapis lazuli.

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    d. Leroy

    Re: Word Pictures

    I closed my eyes and couldn't see crap. Sorry, I just ain't smart enough to get all those pretty words describing a sunset, I guess. It's like putting too many ingredients in the stew.

    So, regardless of who it is, if the whole thing's like that, I would have put it down.

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    L Bea

    Re: Word Pictures

    I can't even imagine the significance of all of that. It's the kind of stuff I skim right over.


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    nancy drew

    Re: Word Pictures

    I think I ate lapis lazuli once.

    Broke my teeth.

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