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    N D

    Re: Profanity Question

    Depends whether it's in the dialogue or in the narration. I say yes to the former, no to the latter.

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    John Chritton

    Re: Profanity Question


    While I agree with the fact that in real life, the person using a curse generally does nothing but disrespect those around him/her, I cannot disagree more with your point that the same effect results from usage in writing.

    In a story that includes dialogue between a drunk, abusive husband and his wife who is finally fighting back (as an example), do you really believe that curse words would not be employed liberally? Can you honestly say that you have never used them in your life? Otherwise stop making arrogant posts trying to display how morally superior you are, especially if they get in the way of sound advice regarding good writing.

    To everyone else:

    I'm not saying that curse words MUST be used. I have personally read very good writing both using and avoiding them. The key thing is that you have to use all the tools available to you at the most powerful times possible, and curse words can often portray much different ideas than other words will.

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