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Thread: Cliche' ?

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    Tim Underwood

    Re: Cliche' ?

    One problem I have found is that people who use cliches don't always understand them or use them wrongly. I knew a guy who was attached to "catch-22". Everything was a catch-22 to him. Of course he was an idiot. If you include catch-22 to describe something, as a reader I'm going to think you aren't much of a writer. On the other hand, if you used it in dialog to show the person speaking was clueless, it would work well.

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    Gregory White

    Re: Cliche' ?

    that reminds me of a cliche from a movie. One of the characters kept saying "you do the math", even when it made no sense in the conversation. It helped to establish his human side, his character flaws. And it drove his love interest up a wall.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Cliche' ?

    Cliches suck -- period. Sure, using them in dialogue is fine; it tells you scads about the thinking of the speaker.

    However, in narrative, this wears thin very quickly. Few readers want to read someone who's incapable of using the language in depth.

    Oddly, it seems like many of the beginners who stress endlessly about "style" are the same who love to gas on about how appropriating someone else's thrice-chewed cud is indicative of "style."

    Hey, go ahead, slather your writing with predictable sound-bytes. It trims the competition.

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