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Thread: process

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    Matt Lara



    I'm new here. My writing is mostly kept to my journals and blog entries. And I am a mostly closeted poet. I am here to indulge in discussion with other friends of words/thoughts/inspiration.

    I am a creative soul deep down, and it is the process I enjoy. I know that, with some effort, all creative expression finds its right time to fully manifest. So I hope I am finding you all enjoying the unfolding.

    Another avenue I am exploring is the collaborative process of writing. I have been proofreading web content and enjoying that process. I wasn't aware of collaboration between editors and authors before. I am looking to expand my proofreading experience, so if you have any chapters you would me to look over, please contact me. I'll do it for free!

    Again, nice to meet all of you and I am looking forward to more discussion.


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    Lisa Davis

    Re: process


    What kind of poetry do you write?

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    Matt Lara

    Re: process

    I don't really stick to a particular style. It is more like put the pen on the paper and go. Very free.

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    v mg

    Re: process

    mine eyes have not seen the glory
    of the coming of my check
    cause Uncle's got me in a bind
    and it's makin me a wreck
    It's not enuff he get's his cut
    from my paycheck every week,
    He's forcing me to gamble more
    and I'm on a losing streak,
    So, tell me friends, what can I do
    to get Ol' Sammy off my back,
    I surely would appreciate your quick
    reply before I head on down to the track.

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    Kitty Foyle

    Re: process

    Howdy Matt.

    This is for vmg:

    Send me your pittance, I'll have no qualms
    'bout using it for my teeth.
    That dentist intends to bleed me dry
    and cause me major grief.

    I'll be squirming like hell in that miserable chair,
    but ever so grateful to you.
    For to cancel your trek to the track for me
    is a marvelous thing to do!

    (My mailing address is......)


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    Kitty Foyle

    Re: process


    A little poetic license there: teeth, grief


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    Grandmaster Sik

    Re: process

    There was a young man from Kentucky
    Who bought a Thai net-bride for some ****y,
    But when she arrived
    He found her online profile contrived
    For it was a lady-boy who only did "sucky-sucky".

    Please feel free to critique - I made it up in about five seconds.

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    Grandmaster Sik

    Re: process

    Oh, I've been auto-censored - I forgot about that here (for the best, I guess, given that there may be under eighteen users (the censored word began with an F, by the way).

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    Tau G

    Re: process

    Matt, now that you've seen some of the "so called" poetry your fellow writers can come up with, show us some of your stuff.

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    The Midnight Writer

    Re: process

    Is this autobiographical, Grandmaster? *.*

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