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Thread: trancendence

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    Kate Humphrey


    Does anyone else tend to feel a sort of transcendence or expanded consciousness when writing? I have heard a few other authors who feel that way, and I realized that I do to a certain extent. It's even beyond getting wrapped up or really focused, but an actual altered consciuosness where you really feel a sort of transcendece. Just wondering what others think. Hope I am not too out there with this one. Kate

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    Frank Baron

    Re: trancendence

    Yeah, I've found it's usually either a caffeine buzz or I've forgotten to eat again.

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    d. Leroy

    Re: trancendence

    Can't say I transcend. I do have to get myself into the story, the surroundings, the smells, etc. before I start writing. Sometimes that doesn't come easy and I find that I have to 'write' myself into it.

    Sometimes it ends up being crap, but at least I wrote something.

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    Re: trancendence

    Depends on the wine.

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    Elena Solodow

    Re: trancendence

    Depends on how hot my laptop gets when it's sitting on my lap...

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    Kate B.

    Re: trancendence

    I think I understand, Kate. I think.

    When Iím trying to get inside of a characterís head, I definitely have to get outside and above myself. I have at least one character that believes things that are very different from me. My MC is assertive in a way that Iíve never been.

    When I write, my mood takes on the mood of the scene Iím writing. Time flies. Iím crabby if interrupted and a little disoriented. My partner is an artist and gets the same way when sheís interrupted.

    But maybe you meant something different by transcendenceÖ

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    Dave Norem

    Re: trancendence

    to: Kate Humphrey

    Yes! Use it, use it, use it.

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    Beautiful Loser

    Re: trancendence

    Yes. I know exactly what you're talking about, Kate.

    For me, it's akin an altered state of mind. Only, this state is without ingestion of drugs. I'm out there to begin with, so go figure. It's very much like I'm into the story, mind, body, spirit and soul.

    I've often found that when transcending, I block out all negative thoughts, and this increases flow, clarity, and creativity within my mind's eye.

    When passion and emotions work together, there are no limits.

    As others have told you, use it, don't lose it.

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    Schemer T

    Re: trancendence


    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. When writing, I find myself transported into the world I am writing about. I talk to my characters, hear their voices, smell their unique scents, see the way they move and everything surrounding them. Sometimes when I stop writing it takes a few minutes to reorient myself to the real world.

    As many others have said, use it!

    S -

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    Kate Humphrey

    Re: trancendence

    I appreciate the serious answsers to it. It was something I realized recently, and it puts me into a totally different state when I write, but I didn't really know how. I also have to take some time to reorient myself to reality when I have been writing, and it bothers me when people even just talk to me. I feel as if I lose something when I have to change gears like that. Thanks for the responses, and I will use it more now that I recognize it. Kate

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