Thank you for your very helpful critique.

Arden and Danyelle: I chucked out the exclamation points and it looks much better staight away.

****: Your corrections are great. Sounds much better than mine (sobs and sniffles). I love "dishiest don". Why didn't I think of that myself?

Jeanne: LOL When I was walking to church, my sister-in- law patted my tummy and hissed "pull that in" (I was NOT pregnant - my tummy is just my weak point, although I am otherwise gorgeous) - I could have throttled her then and there.

Carmel: Yes. I'm an awful Busy Lizzy. I ALWAYS talk more than neccessary. I'm glad you reminded me. Xaver O. told me to tighten my other manuscript and I crossed out practically every second word. Now it really rocks.

Thank you, all of you! (Sorry,); Thank you, all of you. I'm learning.