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    alvin atwater

    Just a question.

    I've got something called Doorance Publishing Co through the mail and i just wanted someone's opinion on it, not that i'm going to be publishing anything antime soon

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    Re: Just a question.

    They're a vanity press. You pay them, they print your book, and you wind up with a thousand unsold copies in your garage.

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    Keith .

    Re: Just a question.


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    d. Leroy

    Re: Just a question.

    Alvin... a publisher will never come to you. An agent will never come to you. Do you understand? If you receive something in the mail from a publisher wanting to your stuff, if you receive emails, phone calls, etc. or if a publisher calls you up and wants to have lunch and meet with you about your book, if a publisher tells you that you have talent and they can help you get published by subsidizing your costs... and on and on and on...
    it's all crap and they will rip you off or you'll make an immature and desperate decision that you'll regret later.

    You are not good enough yet - start doing the hard work to get there versus still waiting for the miracle to drop out of the sky.

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    d. Leroy

    Re: Just a question.

    Undoubtedly, someone will post an exception to what I just said. However, I wouldn't suggest you go looking for the needle in the haystack.

    Follow the advice you've received so far and what I wrote above. It's right.

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