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    Chuck Shaw

    Re: Possessive names that end in s

    The possessive's of words ending in s, or possessives of possessives (multiple Macy's's stores) are one of the many grammatical morasses that flood and drain with the tide. Certain comma usages are another. Even capitalization can be debated by those really deep into the subject. You can spend forever reading different manuals, but realistically, just write the work so it reads smoothly and engages the reader. Make the grammar conform to the opinion of the editor willing to BUY it and ignore the rest.

    In many cases the esoteric grammar questions are dead yeast in beer. To make the sentence read smoothly you have to structure the wording in a way that it doesn't include things like Macy's's. That type of wording catches the reader's attention and interrupts the flow of the story which is a non-trivial problem. Obviously major grammatical errors are just that-errors, not matters of opinion-and must be corrected.

    You will never please everyone and grammatical nit picks are a fairly easy edit. If there is an editor out there who will actually reject a readable winning manuscript because of that kind of grammatical detail, do you really want to enter into a business relationship with him/her?


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    Steven Labri

    Re: Possessive names that end in s

    Good points Chuck.

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