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    Kitty Foyle

    Re: in defense of RLS

    Hmm...."never assume," right? But then what do I know from mange?

    Okay, I just looked it up. Mange is [/i] a chronic skin disease esp. of domestic animals, marked by itching and loss of hair.[/i] Surely you're not disputing the fact that you even have mange at all?

    As for your butt hurting, well, that could have been from all that straining you've been doing on your ever-lovin' toilet.

    Your big toe hurts 'cause you've got the gout, chum.

    (Needn't thank me, Mangy....always glad to be of help.)


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    Rogue Mutt

    Re: in defense of RLS

    Wow, Dr. Kitty thanks for that enlightening advice. I had a dog with mange once--it's not a pretty sight.

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    Chuck Shaw

    Re: in defense of RLS

    One last blurb that need to be addressed in this thread

    Most Impressive Mr. R!

    I consider myself well read, but I could not pin down the source of the original quote in under a week. Like many others, I would have guessed the turn of the century (not the last one), but I though it was an original work imitating the style of the "classics".

    Glad you’re aboard.


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