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Thread: Possessive S

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    Michelle McLean

    Re: Possessive S

    I think after this I will avoid any name ending in an S.
    :-) Agnes isn't a main character though and only pops up a few times, so either way it shouldn't annoy people too much. :-) Thanks for all the comments!

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    Chuck Shaw

    Re: Possessive S

    It's nice to know that the editors who cry that they have no time to read manuscripts pick up on important stuff like this. I'm sure this type of error has a major impact on book sales.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Possessive S

    Um... yah, we "pick up on it" when we're stuck being the damned souls that have to read such crapOHla & find that 99.99% of the mss we look at are so overlarded with these gaffes that they often number 20-per-sentence, if you can call thoise things "sentences."

    That's why I'm considered wildly generous for having an average per-manuscript review time of almost 60 seconds.

    Does not getting past a single damned editor or agent count as a "major impact," son?

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    Rogue Mutt

    Re: Possessive S

    I'm reading Mailer's "Naked and the Dead" and he used Agnes's

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