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Thread: Endings

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    gulliver h

    Re: Endings

    A favorite poet says: Endings should always be the inevitable...pulled from a hat.

    I love that. Perfect.

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    Beautiful Loser

    Re: Endings

    I like to write with a destination in mind. I usually know my ending before I begin. In fact, sometimes the endings inspire the creation of the piece. However, I do prefer endings that have some ambivalence to them, endings that hint that the character is moving on to a new adventure. Make sense?


    Yup. That's what I often do in my writings, and it makes perfectly sense to inspire the reader's creative thought processes when a character is moving, evermore so nearing the end.

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    Re: Endings

    Oh that Harper Lee never ceases to give me goosebumps.

    History of Love: shorter and shorter "chapters" as the ending nears. One page, then one paragraph, then a few sentences. Very cryptic, less and less connected to reality, ultimately nonsensical. It was as if she just ran out of gas and so went for maximum "literary" and ended up in the middle of nowhere. Up until the end, I loved the book. Now, gack.

    Special Topics in Calamity Physics, on the other hand, had a perfect, masterful ending. As I neared the end, I worried, because so few people can pull it off. But she did and was amazing. I bow in gratitude. I won't quote it here just in case anyone wants to do themselves the great favor of reading the book, but it's gorgeous.

    Jeanne, I initially ended my book with the same three sentences that began it. My agent and editor talked me out of it, and I'm fine with the ending we went with, but I wish I'd kept it the other way.

    Gulliver: Love that quote. Who's the poet???

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