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    Cathy C

    Re: My novel summary (upon request)

    Since I'm the one who suggested you post this, I'll weigh in. Here are some questions that might help you focus in on the story:

    1. Does Samantha start out her life on Earth as we know it today?

    2. Does she somehow move in time or space to a different Earth?

    3. Does she somehow move in space to a different PLANET (you said "this world" in the summary?)

    4. Is the periodically stopped traffic the result of frozen people, or are they empty cars (got confused about this.)

    5. When she's having these delusions, is she in a hospital bed, or do they happen periodically during her normal life (switching back and forth?)

    6. If they happen periodically, how do they affect her normal life?

    7. If she's in a hospital, what does she think is happening to her during her dream-state (coma?)

    8. If the android goes from wanting to freeze her to wanting to . . . well, impregnate her, what is the android's overall plan that Samantha has to stop?

    I have more questions, but those are a start.

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    Charlotte Noble

    Re: My novel summary (upon request)

    Cathy,....um....that's alot of details for a summary, can I squash that much into about 5 lines?

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    Ray Veen

    Re: My novel summary (upon request)

    Summarizing a novel is a tough job. As painful as it is, you have to let go of a lot of your great ideas and focus on the main plot and major players. There just isn't enough room for your brilliant subplots or the interesting quirks of your secondary characters... er, not that you're making that mistake. Just saying.

    I'm getting that your character is in the mundane world, and the pressures of traffic or whatever causes her to start having some sort of episode. Fantasy and reality blur, and suddenly she appears to be embarking on an adventure in the 'desolate world ruled by a lone android'. That about right?

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    Cathy C

    Re: My novel summary (upon request)

    Actually, it's not much detail at all. Let me show you (and I'm guessing here because I don't know the answers):

    When Samantha drives down the storm drenched road, she discovers this day is going to start out bad. She passes periodically stopping traffic on the highway, which looks strange. As she decides to indulge her curiosity and stops, she falls into seizure induced delusions of a different Earth where reality is a desolate world ruled by a lone android who has kept the inhabitants frozen for over a thousand years. What she doesn't know is why. But as she struggles to understand why she is there, the android determines to put her in cryostasis along with all the others. Racing to escape the android and find a way home, Samantha learns she's actually part of a bigger picture than she or the android even knows. [B]When she's impregnated without consent by the android, Samantha realizes she's might have to become the savior of a war torn and nearly dead planet.

    Etc., etc. Like I say, this is probably all wrong. But you can see it doesn't add that much to the overall size. Word choice is the key.

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    Charlotte Noble

    Re: My novel summary (upon request)

    Wow, must really suck as a writer! These idea's are better than my own. It is close, but not my original. But..... maybe I need to go back to the drawing board for a while. Gimme about a week or so and I will be back and get you opinions. I feel like such a gnome.

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    C Bets

    Re: My novel summary (upon request)

    Ha, Charlotte! Don't feel bad - you have no idea.

    I got a rejection recently from a publisher who advertizedthe need for a one-page synopsis in the submission process. Well, mine is about five pages long and I truly believed it was impossible to cut it down to ONE PAGE! Dear heavens! So, I sent my five-pager with an apology and explanation that I was hopeful too much information is at least better than not enough.

    Well, she . . . ahem . . . very strongly reminded me that a one-page synopsis means exactly that - one page. And, after she read mine, was certain there was nothing preventing that storyline from being reduced to such.

    Well! The nerve. So, to prove her wrong, I went about hacking and slashing and burning a bit here, a bit there until - lo and behold - she was absolutely right.

    I now have a one-page and a five-page synopsis at my disposal.

    Just a little encouragement for you - things CAN be done if we only take the time to do it.

    Good luck!


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