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    Kevin Hare

    A different synopsis...

    I'm trying something I haven't seen attempted too often for the summary on the back of my book, it gives a real feel of what is expected of the story inside and I thought it would be neat to try - opinions?

    Bound within the dark eternal
    A dragon lingers desperate
    dwarves unleashed its great inferno
    Elf Lord came to cease it

    Ages passed and peace gave way
    An heir slain coldly
    A goblin threat waits at bay
    A brother will stand so boldly

    Friends he'll find on valiant quest
    An elf and troll of wood
    A journey hard to bring his best
    Fate and destiny understood

    A weapon sought from ages past
    A hero found within
    a threat to face and fight at last
    And a dragon needed slain

    More info on the book at www3.webng.com/writeturntotheleft


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    John Sharp

    Re: A different synopsis...

    I think it'd be neater to incorporate it into the tale itself. Have some cooky old wise/crazy man sing it aloud or something and the protagonist shoo him off for it, or bring it up in near the climax of the story. It's a good summary-type poem, if not a bit bland and straightforward.

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