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    zeplin 44

    a quotation mark question

    When a character is giving a speech, let's say a 3 paragraph speech, where do the quotation marks go? At the beginning and end of each paragraph? Or and the beginning of the 1st paragraph and the end of the 3rd? Or elsewhere?


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    Mya Bell

    Re: a quotation mark question

    The most common style is:

    "This is an example of a multiparagraph speech.

    "It isn't necessary to put quotes at the end of each paragraph, only at the beginning.

    "When the last paragraph is done, then add the end quote."

    --- Mya Bell

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    Re: a quotation mark question

    Mya's correct. I'd think twice, though, about subjecting my reader to three paragraphs of unbroken dialog. At least break away from time to time, say, to show audience reaction, or the cops getting set for the bust, or whatever.

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    zeplin 44

    Re: a quotation mark question

    Thank you Mya.

    Yes, after reading it, I agree that it should be broken up a bit.

    Thank you both.

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    Re: a quotation mark question

    I agree with Mya. And I did it once in one of my books, when a character is telling a story. Can't remember if it was two paragraphs or three, though, and the shelf is on the other side of the room.

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