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    Pal Joey

    Re: AC130

    Author: jayce (---.mob.bellsouth.net)
    Date: 07-05-06 09:20

    Pal Joey. There's no such aircraft as an AC130 helicopter gunship. Either your memory's shot, or you're simply writing fiction.

    The plain truth of the matter is, Jayce, that I used to be a Supermodel - but who would possibly have believed that !?

    And, incidentally, here’s the missing AC130. A thing of menacing beauty, pure testosterone!


    I hope I may soon fly you? Please say that I may!

    Pal Joey

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    Re: AC130

    Thanks for offer, Joey, but I'll pass. Any pilot who doesn't know the difference between a helicopter and a fixed wing multi-engine is, well... you get the picture. But thanks for the laughs, your being a combat pilot, a supermodel, and--what was the other?--oh, yeah, the Harvard wrestling team.

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    Prince Louis Richard de la Pau

    Re: AC130

    Jace 1, Pal Joey 0

    Nice one, Jayce.

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